Saturday, November 29, 2008
You say, that you've always been true
Lookin' in your eyes, I see you lie
You're trying hard to hide that
There someone new you found and,
You want me to believe that you still care?

How can you hurt me this way?
Everything I knew was lovin' you
How could you try pretending
Your love was never ending
Now you can't even say that you will stay

How, how could you say you love me?
When you would go and leave me
How could you make me hurt so bad?
When I have loved you more than anyone can do
Can't believe the pain
That I'm feeling now because of loving you

I can't seem to understand
How can love be so unkind
Still you broke my heart
Despite what I've done
Still my love was not enough
Though I given you my all
I can't take it anymore

Everything learnt must always be the hard way
now i feel so helpless with nothing more to say
never let shit happen
when.. you already know it will inevitably happen..
Friday, November 14, 2008
coo coo~
mmm.... thought today wud be boring but actually had fun...

well well well... woke up around 8.30? yea... woke up n tlked to my mum abit.. then smsed emma to come to mah house... mmm... she sounded sho sleepy.. well she was... [muahaha]

ok so then... asked my mum if kyaw cud come too... cuz he wanted me to teach him acc..
so yup he came around 11.30? no idea... he came wit kar yan...
lol... they re coo coo fellas~



SUCH A FUNNY STORY EH!! ahahha im goin coo coo~ =P

okokokok... so well after tht they went cueball..
my car was right behind their bikes...lols....

i went to school.. which was soooo weird.. evry1 sayin i was lukin pwetty?? THT WAS THE WEIRDEST!!! well yea they can say tht... they can say i luk pwetty coo coo~ cuz i was today... the whole day... till now...

and OMG! my coo coo head became alot worse wen emma came to my house..
we kept tlkin abt stuff... was like a retard... she was checkin my songs in the phone,.. and wenever she asked me abt this song and tht song.. started singing the song...

well here here: {gotta look at this}

this is emma... well it WAS emma.... until i said "evaporate tall person" hahahhahahah
so her bag left lyin thr... while the poor normal person went *poof*
so yes... crazy day... bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
sad sad...
Every now and then we find a special friend who never lets us down.. who understands it all.. reaches out each time we fall.. you re the best friend that i've found.. i noe u cant stay but a part of u will never ever go away.. your heart will stay.. i ll make a wish for you and hope it will come true.. if life would just be kind to such a gentle mind.. but if you lose your way look back to yesterday... remember me this way...

GONNA MISS U!!!!!!! :'(

great memories shared wit u.. but theres no goodbyes in friendship... :)
Sunday, November 2, 2008
Called her for the first time yesterday
finally found the missing part of me
felt so close, but you were far away
left me without anything to say

Now I'm speechless
over the edge I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again

Hopless Head over heels
in the moment
I never thougt that I'd get hit by this love bug again

I can't get your smile out of my mind(can't get you out of my mind)
I think about your eyes all the time
You beautiful but you don't even try(you don't even, don't even try)
modesty is just so hard to find

Now I'm speechless
Over the edge I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again

Hopless head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug

Kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everthing I wished that it would be
suddenly I forgot how to speek
Hopless, Breathless
baby, can't you see


[guitar solo]

Now I'm speechless
over the edge I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again

Now I'm hopeless head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again
Love bug again
feathers~ coincidence or is it haunting me?
hey hey.. long time since i ve posted... sry.. had been lazy XP
okay... sunday... mm.... it spells busy busy busy..
lets start off wit wakin up early... man i was tired..
went sunday school first at around 9.15? ... yea till 10.15
the teacher kept talkin n talkin.. [lecture lecture lecture yatty yatty yat]..
then i was lookin my right... left.. up... down.. then whoaaaa~ hold it... there was a feather lyin thr... it looked really nice and white... and man FLASHBACKS came into my head...
well cant really much tlk abt it.. but yup got smething wit me and feathers lol...

so yea after class, since my sis went for sme prefect thingy majigy... went brought my lil sis to my mum... then off we went to baking class...
AND WOW we baked butter cookies and pineapple jam tart.... *drool* XDX
and the recipe aint tht difficult... c'est tres facile!

so okay.. all tht baking sure made me hungry so we went klcc to eat... bought sushi!! *drooling once again*
so ate sushi, burger and donuts ;] :]
and bought some pasteries along the way..

jessica~ haha her face after eating all tht sushi!! XDXD

we went TOYS R US too!!! lol lol..
wit juz my lil sis and my childish self!!

~a lego-made version of KLCC~

eating n eating made me tired.. [since blood flows to the intestines to digest the food so theres less blood in ur brain... makin the cells sleepy]... so yea... was soooooooo sleepy...

plus had to w8 for ballroom class to start... boring... was smsing kyaw n kar yan...
well then dance started... learnt the SWING today... the dance kee en wanted to learn haha..
its quite easy once u get the basic then learn some variations...
oh yea... my dance instructor gave me this photo.. it was taken durin my previous dance lesson..

me dancing cha cha wit some random dude.
so yup tht was practically my day outside... and erm gotta show u this pic i took the other day
LOL i was in our balcony lookin around.. [well i go to the balcony ALOT] XD

and heres wat i saw :

TWO DIGI MEN!!! haha well not exactly but still.. LOL!!!!!

was laughin hysterically... until went all coo coo and random tht day...
then started takin pics of other random stuff... heres another one:

HAHA was playin wit these necklaces... fiddling wit retard. i noe. :p
oh well... thinking abt postin again.. the pics on halloween night... but kinda lazy so maybe tom or smething or later... byebyez.