Saturday, October 11, 2008
Wat a day i muz say~ [oooo~ tht rhymes] haha...

oh well... mmm... went to school at 10.. well not rili.. a lil late hehe.. had to go teach the girl instructors the fitness week routine hehe... gonna have FITNESS WEEK on monday.... LOL!! its durin' first period.. oh BUT i get to skip period 3 to teach the primary hehehe!!! I HAVE ACCOUNTS ON PERIOD 3!! SKIP SKIP SKIP!! ~yay~
[do the happy dance] rofl.

here are some pics:

EXERCISE!! lol- instructors: sis, patricia, anjellyne, chelsi, ruvina, yumi, ashley, iilyana, catherine, janice and this other girl.

oh and since it was the "music" room.. there were instuments everywhere hehe... i was playing "canon" on the piano while ashley was makin a beat on the drums to go wit it... it was SO FREAKIN COOL! hehe... then i played the drums after tht too hehe.... great great time.

LOL.. so finished tht around 12.30 then went home and changed then off to rizrin's open house~
which had loads of ppl... had sme trouble finding the place though.. the park was huge..
so got there... saw jegan and murali and sme other frenz

okay~ so after all tht lovely lunch.. went to ampang point wit roshiv.. he was goin jamming so went there to play around haha~
micheal played the drums.. it was freakin loud!!! well those electric guitars too... like everythin was vibrating lolz.
but had a fun time thr...lawl... roshiv was teachin me to play drums... then johan helped me wit the guitar.. haahaa.. they werent bad i wud say

Gorgeous girls tryin to take a gud pic then "sme1" butts in... lol~

shaq, charmaine, christianna and roshiv... wit michael gettin blocked =p

michael and johan wit their oh so awesome guitars.. wit roshiv there playin drums.. cant rili see lol

hehe had pity... so took solo of him!! man he can play drums!! i was like WHOA wit my dropped jaw... lol~ awesome! and quite shocking XD... he taught me how to play lol.. but i ady knew abit of basic cuz took drum class before... so he taught me some beats... heeheehee

and then... walkin randomly everywhere.. johan gave me his guitar... it was guitar-learning-time XP

ok so mum called us at around 5pm... told us to go back to the mall... so went thr wit roshiv as our so called "body guard" haha
while walkin down frm the studio... this malay dude started tlkin to me in malay~ so weird... then roshiv was like "wat happened?"
i was like tellin him abt the malay dude... then he was all like "y didnt u call me i cud ve done smethin.. I cud ve called naquie!" HAHAHA!!!

AND speakin of naquie, wen we got in the mall... he was there! haha
coincidence lol..

soo went ate sushi then went popular to read a few magz... then went home~

TIRING DAY!!! lol....
ok so ciao ciao ~ gonna eat~
Thursday, October 9, 2008

since kee en kong bobby lim wants me to update my blog... here it is..

well today! hmm... oh it was fine besides the inevitable fact tht KONG kept flicking my arm and giving me wonderful tattoos[aka bruises]... and pounding my head wit a futsal ball....
my brain's like spinning already....
uhuh! now u noe.... the life of bobby lim... and how he practices his flicks on me....
=.= <<>

so yeap... today... typical school day.. nth much to tlk abt.. PE yeah... yaty yaty yat~ then some maths bio then acc... another boring thing to tlk abt... then uhuh... after tht came futsal... fun fun... FUTSAL SPELT FUN before kong over here.. came and did "his thing".... tsk... UHUH YES KEE EN!!! if ure reading this... huh!! practice ur flicks on kyaw or smethin.. he wnt feel a thing...

oh well... thts it i guess... nth much.. gotta keep choreographin for tom's auditions.. ciao ^.^

oh yeah... this will be an imitation of me and u KONG!... :

Fun With Statues
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Sunday, October 5, 2008
ballroom dancing:D
today today wat can i say abt
mmm... went to church!! yup... had sunday school from 9.15-10.15 then had mass at 10.30-11.30...
and man all my church friends so my nasty back.. one thought my skin burnt LOL!!...
it looks disgusting now... its like all purple.. it looks like big big bruises everywhere.. it really hurts:'( *sobbing*

well anywayz went lunchie at mcdonalds from 12-1pm then went ballroom dance class!! hehe
they taught us how to line dance and we were workin on the cha cha..
i was like the youngest thr hehe...

my partner was i think 20+ lol..
then changed my partner into this man in his 40s maybe... LOL

UNFORTUNATELY... my cam wasnt working :(
cud've took pictures... i managed a few though..

my sister and I... in ballroom dance class ~ w8in for it to start... XDXD

oh well had ballroom till 3... it was only two hours but i felt like ive been in tht class for the whole day... so was quite tired after tht...
enjoyed yummy gummy bears wen got in the car hehe...
after class~ THIRSTY THIRSTY!! hehe... im holding the packet of gummies!! lol *yum*
[i look retarded btw.. wasnt ready for the pic LOL.. i look like i wana go kiss sme1 HAHA]

well got back home!!~ went on9... chat abit... lol now doing my hw... got lots of HW!!! haizz.. gotta find some info abt sme1 who showed courage ..


well i'm gonna go finish it now... byebye.. ciao~~ ^.^

Saturday, October 4, 2008
okayy... another lovely day for another lovely person wit a lovely face!!~~ [HAHAHA]
well today.. went shoppin!!~
lols... wit my mummy! :D

went got glasses first though!! there was so much of cool frames... and as u noe me.. a very indecisive person... took quite a while choosin XP lol...
oh and in the shop.. hahaha.... this guy was so hilarious promoting these sun glasses.. lol.. XDXD
my mum and i were juz laughin laughin and rofl!!~

well yup they checked my eyes and all... hehe:

sittin there w8in to check my eyes... XP
uhuh.... comfy chair!!! lol... tht lady who checked my eyes... wow!! she can speak like "full stops" dont exist in the world!! LOL


oh yeap... we went to watsons... spent like an hour there.. haha... tried alot of make-up!! was so bored waitin for my mum to buy all her stuff so yup juz played around :P

ahihihi ;-) ~~~ [evil glare at all those cosmetics... muahaha]

well now u noe the secrets to a gorgeous faced girl LOLOLOL... vanity strikes!!
anywayz headed for sungei wang... and man some shit happened.... =.=
mum went took me to sme spa.... and jeezz... tht dude bloody murdered my back!!! hurt like shit!!!!!!!

see this:

tht dude there.... yeah him...!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!

look wat happened:

and the evil man did this all in 15 bloody minutes!!!!!! =.=

he ruined my lovely flawless skin!! sob sob T.T
he liked scraped my back until it there was this burning sensation... -.-"
he said toxic was gettin extracted -.-""""
STUPID!! ....
well to calm me down... went SHOPPING!!!! my fav sport!!
bought this dress which was so awesome!!!!--

hehehe!!! luv tht dress!!! oh well... thts all 4 nowyyyy... byebye ^^
Friday, October 3, 2008
Long day~ :P
HELLO again!!! n_n
.. hmmm today today today~~~ speechless XD kiddin ~ :P

well wow alot of things happened today... a not very typical day... bwahaha did tht make sense?
[rhetorical question ok.] XP

soo... wasnt even supposed to go out actually but last minute... mum changes her mind like *snap*
well well... went to midvalley by you lin's car... had a talk abt emmanuella being "disabled" and how she touches ppl in the cinema... seriously WEIRD... hehe
[calm down emma if u see this]....kekeke its 'SARCASM'... tht word familiar to u?...


[i think u use it quite alot on nora... too much LOLOLOL!!! XD ]

so yea got there.. watched cinema.. and golly me... ali loves tlkin while watchin... but the movie was awesome? w8 "beyond words"... LOL...
oh yeah took pics wit nora while walkin: HAHAHAHA~~~ its a "omg moment" XD

Great Friends

oh yes... and guess whose hand is tht... lol... guessed?? the one and only "normal" one kekeke
aww nora looks so cute.... :D
hehe mmm... juz got so tempted... it was a must to take this pic... a pic wit the BLUR dude ~lol~

sooo... enough wit the walkin... it made me hungry... seriously...
so obviously after tht... mmm.... we ate??? lol...
chicken... chicken... and mre chicken~ XDXD
but trust me... dint get full at all... hehe :P
surprised much? =P

ok then went bowling.... mmm... the game sucked.... only got wat... 69 for the whole game.... *sigh*
oh well LIFE GOES ON!! man... im really emphasising my point on this blog... hahaha
well here are some pics while bowling:

CANDID SHOT!!! lol....
~ali~ power of [burnt] chicken curry

~mr.ryan~ tsk tsk... muscle man bwahahhaha....

hehehe..... after bowling.... went home~~ lrt..... psshh... lol.... emma was like so worried hehe...
BUT W8!!! hold it!!! didnt go home juz yet....
went PARTY-in!!!!!!! lol

..some pics of fwenzzz:

~joselle~ so adorable...

hehehe auntie lolit!! such a bubbly personlity LOL...

oh and the two most adorable kids on earth~ :D

they kept pulling me everywhere to go play wit em hehehe~ so fun~ XD i noe.. childish... :P

and here he is... jacob~~~ sayin "whos the boss" LOL... he kept following me... hehehe... hes so cute!!!!!!!
haizzz... well yurp~ call it a tiring day...
~ byebye~
Thursday, October 2, 2008
-- LIFE GOES ON <<< sounds familiar? hehe XP --
hello hello... ~^-^~

haiz well a new blog for me today... messed up my old one.. sad i noe T.T
oh well LIFE GOES ON!! much for my logo eh? XDXD

anywayzz... rite now havin a school break.. gonna go out tomowow... ^.^
absolutely cant w8... im bored to my bones rite now.... im juz tryin to figure out wat im gona wear [which is a MAJOR DILEMMA]
my closet is jumbled up!!!!!!!! looks like some horrendous mountain... so gotta tidy tht up...
oh and speakin about cleanin.. dishes are juz waitin for me... totally JUST plain GREAT...

oh well got tons of HW... golly.. its suppose to be a holiday...

hmmm oh yeah planning to get glasses~OMG rite~ lol
gonna get glasses lookin' smethin like these:

now tht looks totally weird... i'll try gettin nicer ones haha...

oh well speakin of retarded took sme pics the other day:
haha while shoppin:

people thinkin wat a retard this girl is... LOL :-

and...i noe wat ure thinkin.. "wat a poser" bwahahaha
well true... lolololol..
nywayzz thts it for noww... byebye