Friday, January 29, 2010
anotherrrrr.. day.
SO. french class. wat do i do? -write a poem ;]
hehe. ((x

[[lemme just go get my econs book... i wrote it somewhere there]] >.<
oh! shit~ *oops*..... its with skinny!! =S

trying to get it...... *loading*
gawsh wat a lazzzy ass. haha. hes still getting it. have to wait.


now hes gona shower. ((so mucha commercials eh))
AFTER one hour.... kidddding (x
here it is!!!!......

grrr.... hes drying his hair.... slowww much? ~ :P
did i mention. i think i shud stop whining since i left the book with him xD

OKAY? is he done yetttt? half of my blog is like... waiting for him? haha.

If you could turn back time and do things again
You'd live it the same way, you know things won't mend
Things were assumed and hopes would've been high
Visions were perfect, something y
ou can't deny

But as you grew older you would've realized.
Everyone is just as shattered and broken as you are
Thoughts would run your mind like never before
Your parents would call it something - maybe 'mature'

You'd go through life with the happy times
But then again sometimes you'd think
Working so hard to see your dreams come true
You thought you were a God but you were such a fool

I had so many chances but i threw them away
But life isn't just about that

There is another side to it, another way

-by Kristin