Wednesday, January 6, 2010
school again =]
been long since i blogged. busy busy.
soo school starts... again.

its fun. insane friends. BUT a downside to it.
WhAT a BoRE!!

check this out... was soooo bored during accounts..............

addicted to hillsong much???

hehe... anyway.... had french for first period..... wrote this random thing:

was thinking of my blog actually so came up with it =D

L ive it well, you never know
I f one day you might just let go
F or life right now is what really matters
E ven if it seems like it almost always batters

G o do the things you've never done
O r you might regret what you could've won
E ase your mind
S urely you won't go wrong

O pen your heart,
N ever give up, and always remember..


... so ya school is pretty much... fast nowadays...... friends just make me laugh like coo coo~
so yatty yatty yat ~~~ classes till 2.....

after school cut adrian and ryan's hair... haha.... woah! arent i a pro...

they both damn leng zhai now lar.... XD jokes.

YOU OWE ME RYAN WONG!!!! u're sooo gana pay for my shirt!!